Sunday, August 1

Mind Map Techniques Improve Learning, Boost Memory Skills

Students and pros alike use mind map techniques to get an overview of their respective fields, analyze challenges, calculate outcomes, and then take a confident step forward to solve it.

Take for example the subject of Chemistry -- It's a subject that many students find hard to understand and the facts/formula difficult to memorize.

    So what you do is create a mind map that branches out into the various elements of Chemistry -- like organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, molar equations, stoichiometry calculations, and so on. The same techniques can be applied to Physics, Math, English, History, Biology, an any other subject you want to master. Color-coded mind maps increase memory power, help you retain information better and be a fast learner.

    Studies have revealed that students who use mind maps boost their learning capacity and understanding by as much as 60%. To know how you can use mind maps to get better grades, check out this 5-star rated guide.