Thursday, July 22

How to Study Smart in 3 Easy Ways

1. Avoid Procrastination. Be it Physics, Math, English or any of your high school subjects, smart learners set aside a fixed time table for study. That way, you are not branded a bookworm but someone who has enough time for family and friends. So what if you fell sick & missed a schedule? Just tweak the time table & stay the course. At the end of the day you have completed 25 assignments, 34 Q&A, went for a movie and had dinner with your family Not bad for one study day :)

2. Razor Sharp Analytical Skills. Having problems keeping your eyes open after late-night studies? Or maybe, you decided to catch a movie with friends and now, your concentration has gone for a toss. Worry not, be smart! Sleep can be cured only by hitting the sack for a few hours The brain is a wonderful computer with the capacity to retain facts & formula in a jiffy – provided it is 100% awake. Rest your brain every 30 minutes and you develop those razor sharp memory and analytical skills. Help your brain to help you and watch those grades soar.

3. Instant Memorization of the whole Book. Follow the above two very important rules and a surprise new you is there who is capable of coming to the level of a smart learner who magically has developed the capacity to the level of memorization of the whole book at the end of the semester.

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